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Spare parts and components

Accord-Avia, Ltd supplies the components and spare parts for russian aircrafts from our store in Samara, Russia. 


We sale the serviceable (new/used) russian aircraft spare parts for

  • TU-154, TU-204/214,
  • AN-140, AN-148, AN-24, AN-124, AN-32, AN-74
  • Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-26
  • IL-76, IL-96
  • YAK-42

We would like to present the main our services for russian aircrafts:

  • Replacement parts and components for russian commercial and military aircrafts and helicopters such as Ilushin-76(IL-76), Mi-8, Tu-154 etc.
  • Replacement parts and components for Antonov-32 (AN-32). 
  • Repair of russian aircrafts componens including engines.
  • ALL parts of OXYGEN SYSTEM for aircrafts, especial for TU-154 .
  • All parts of Fire safety system for helicopters and aircrafts.
  • Ground support equipment for all russian aircrafts


Search parts

  • Maintenance steps/platforms
  • Tow bars for russian aircrafts
  • Axle jacks and tripod jacks for russian aircrafts
  • Service carts
  • Nitrogen and oxygen carts/machine
  • Repair and overhaul russian ground support equipment
  • Replacement parts/ service kits
  • Aircraft wheel chocks
  • Couplings and adapters for russian aircrafts potable water service
  • Air start hose and adapters
  • Shear pins
  • Wheel handling
  • Tools and adapters for nitrogen/ oxygen aircraft service
  • Recovery equipment